Buckley; on a par with Ronaldo

“Have you ever heard of the name William Buckley? If you avidly follow football you should have done by now. The young winger only breached the realms of the first team this season, but what a first season it has turned out to be for the prolific boy-wonder.”

This opening paragraph appears on young Buckley’s own online space, or as it calls itself “The Official Will Buckey Website” (sic). Further down the page, the writer, Edward Bretherton (more below), puts Buckley firmly in superstar category, comparing him without irony to “Karim Benzema (Lyon), Fabio Da Silva (Manchester United) and Mark Noble (West Ham) on the official Times list of ‘Football’s top 50 rising stars’.” No mention then of the young Macedonian Masal Bugduv, who appears at number 30 on the list despite not existing. Buckley’s scoring record also “puts him on a par with Cristiano Ronaldo with a goal every two games” – but just how many goals Ronaldo has scored against Accrington Stanley is sadly not mentioned.

The website seems to be the creation of the aforementioned Bretherton (the same articles appears on near-identical “news” websites  Bolton and Bury Online and Greater Manchester Online) and the MyFirstAgent network, an apt name you might think for a website that looks like it’s been created by a school-child. “With the transfer window open until midnight next Monday, it will be interesting to see if Will’s superb form will have caught the attention of any higher-profile league clubs such as Preston, Coventry, Sheffield Wednesday”, bleats the front page, dispensing with conjunctives. The page is quite clearly an online CV, directed by an agent or an agency on behalf of Will himself. What makes it even more laughable is Bretherton’s attempts to advertise his “article” on BBC’s 606 site. “I’ve just found this ace article on Will Buckley”, lies Bretherton, “Check it out!”. It wouldn’t be so bad, or humorous maybe, if Edward’s name wasn’t written at the bottom of the very article he was linking to.

Despite Bretherton’s best attempts at drumming up interest, however, Keith Hill reported today on the Official site that “We’ve had no enquiries, thank God”, which I, for one, am slightly more likely to believe. It seems despite the efforts of some charlatan agent, Buckley is ours for now… maybe young Will should look for a new agent?

3 Responses to Buckley; on a par with Ronaldo

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  2. Frank Bushall says:

    nice article, slightly harsh, im sure the guy edward didn’t mean it. it hasn’t affected buckleys form though has it?

  3. […] probably lie with that parasite of football, that scavenger of the game; the ever-present agent. I wrote about another of our young stars, now gone, back in January 2009 – Will Buckley’s […]

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