Nicky Adams street name plans scrubbed after shakers fans see the light

Plans to rename a main road in Bury after young footballer Nicky Adams have been shelved after Shakers fans decided he wasn’t very good after all.

Plans were in place to rename a famous old street in Bury after the young starlet in order to pay homage to the famous Bury FC youth academy which is often voted the best in the world. Nicky Adams was the youngster chosen to represent the youth academy of Bury. In a vote on the famous Forever Bury website in November he received over 70% of the fans votes.

Announcing the results in November, Forever Bury member Roger Cabbage told us “Hundreds of world beaters have come through our academy but Nicky Adams stands above most of them. He represents everything that shakers fans love”.

After announcing this astonishing reversal – decided on Monday at an impromptu meeting in the back room of a Bury pub – Roger Cabbage told us “Whilst Nicky Adams took by far the most votes in the poll, it was brought to our attention today that perhaps some shakers fans weren’t thinking correctly. We received over 40 messages from members today, each asking if they could change their vote because they now see he is a poor player and don’t want to soil a bury street with his name”.

We asked Mr Cabbage if this reversal had anything to do with Mondays news that Nicky Adams was joining local Rivals Rochdale AFC on loan. He told us “Absolutely not. Rochdale who? (Laughs) they mean nothing to us. We only hate Bolton Wanderers. When Rochdale win The FA Cup as we have twice then we’ll pay attention. Until then they mean nothing to us Bury fans”.

The Eagle mailbox was jammed full with messages from Shakers fans agreeing with the withdrawal of Nicky Adams name. Alan Knill told us “I’m shakers crazy. I am so shakers crazy I changed my name to Alan Knill! I suggest the road is changed to Knill Road because he is a shakers legend, unlike Nicky Adams who was always average, if not worse”. Liz Vegas wrote “I voted for Nicky Adams, at the time I thought he was good but I realised this week that he was pretty average. Average is not acceptable for bury fans. We should name the street after the fans, but not the main stand moaners”.

No official announcement has been made with regards to the new proposed name for the street, but Lisa Riley Way is the current favourite with town centre bookmakers.


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