Evil Deal Made Permanent

With the January transfer window officially open, Keith Hill has acted early to begin his shapeshifting of the squad. Lee McEvilly, initially having joined on loan from Cambridge United, has signed an 18 month contract with the Dale which will keep him at the club until the end of the 09/10 season. The transfer, which had already been agreed in December, involved no fee towards Cambridge.

Evil is one of those players who sticks out on the football field, not only because of his physical appearance, but also because of his enthusiasm. You can imagine a ten-year old Lee McEvilly running around on a school field, red faced and bigger than the other kids, launching himself into goalkeepers (goalposts too). He isn’t what you’d call a sophisticated player; Lee wouldn’t be seen dead trying a step-over. But, on occasions, his style of play is damn effective and as the season enters its defining months this could be a very good bit of business. He might have fallen down the football ladder in the years since his first stint at Rochdale, but Lee is a good player to have at this level, especially if he costs you nothing.

Here is a haiku about the big man written by our resident poet Pete Balls;

Rochdale’s long lost son,
Heart as big as his belly;
Lee McEvilly

And here’s a Youtube video of him scoring a free-kick. Oh, and Happy New Year!

Written by Matt Boothman (with Pete Balls) on 1/1/09.


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