Bury Bolton relationship hits new low after stick radio jibes

Listeners of Shakers Hospital FM were left fuming after the weekly football phone-in was invaded by supporters of local rivals Bolton Wanderers.

Show presenter, DJ Gordonz, has over 30 years experience in broadcasting, but even he seemed lost for words when one caller, who seemingly wanted to talk about Andy Bishops legs, broke into song.

“Let’s all go to tescos, where Knilly buys his best clothes. Na na na na, Na na na na.
He thinks they’re rather nifty, they cost just £2.50. Na na na na, Na na na na. Up the Wanderers!”.

DJ Gordonz managed to cut him off but listener(s) were already stunned into comas. “How dare they come onto our radio show and insult our great manager” ranted Charlton Crotch of Whitefield. Emmerson Dast of Prestwich was even more scathing “That c**t should be shot” he screamed at DJ Gordonz. “How dare he insult us. We’ve won the FA cup twice!”.

Phone lines crashed under the strain of outrage and DJ Gordonz had to play Lighthouse Family records for most of the show. Once back on-air the condemnation continued.

  • “Ban that filth 12 points” – Caramel Camel, Whitefield.
  • “There’s only one ginger manager with any class in this area and thats Knilly. He better start playing Hursty though!” – Deborah Slatch, Tottington.
  • “I think those wanderers lot will see we’ve accumulated more points than them this season already. Losers.” – Frontham Londis, Bury.
  • “Can we really be sure this isn’t a Dale fan?” – Rupert Toss-Francis, Radcliffe.

Just has things appeared to calm down and calls returned to the subject of Alan Knill being clueless in his team selection, another rogue caller broke the defences. “I think Andy Bishop is only worth £60k” proclaimed Trevor Wargames of Bury. The phone-lines ran hot again, but DJ Gordonz could thank his lucky stars that the show was over.

Shakers fans were left feeling very angry and they took their anger out on Horwich. “Tozzerz” was scratched into the door of a Pet Shop and another Shaker threw a Black Pudding at Greggs the Bakers. In total there were 2,068 arrests… or was that the attendance for their home match against Gillingham?

Original Report: Bury Morning Eagle, 23/11/2008.

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