FA Incompetence; suprised anyone?

Anyone who saw the Darlington match at the ground could sense the disbelief amongst supporters at David Perkins extra-time dismissal. It just looked a bit harsh, and we couldn’t pinpoint the reason for it. “Must have been something he said” was the general consensus amongst Dale fans. But, the crowd is not always right, and the referee should quite rightly be allowed a bit of leeway when it comes to making decisions on the spot. After all, there’s always the appeals procedure to right any wrongs.
Anyone who saw the match live on Sky would be even more suprised at what quite frankly was a wrong decision. Perkins was late for the tackle, but to his credit he realised this and aimed his studs into the ground, away from the Darlington player’s leg. There was clearly no contact. Afterwards, Darlo’s captain Foster started with the handbags, but Perkins kept himself in check in my opinion, and after initially reacting verbally, stepped away from the action to receive what he thought would be a yellow card. The red card was a complete surprise.
But, my anger is not directed at Mr. Beeby, no matter how incompetent a referee he showed himself to be. My anger is directed at the Football Association, a totally inept bunch of cowardly suits who have no knowledge of football outside of the business-orientated, corporate machine they want it to be. Today’s decision was an absolute farce. The decision was, inescapably, an incorrect one. And for the FA to uphold it is an absolute kick in the teeth.
What is the appeals procedure there for if the FA blindly back the referees, no matter how wrong they might be? Once again the FA have shown that if you aren’t Cesc Fabregas, Ashley Cole or Wayne Rooney they don’t give a f**k to be quite honest. For them to stick by Beeby for his is incompetence of the grossest kind.
What make it even worse in my eyes is the successful appeal to rescind Watford’s red card against John Eustace, in what were remarkably similar circumstances. Both challenges were late, rash, but contact was made in neither case, and studs weren’t shown. The difference between the two challenges? Oh, about two leagues worth of difference.
I personally always though the Football Association were toothless, spineless, and didn’t care about teams like us. I never had much respect for them. And now if it’s possible I have even less respect for them.
Now we definitely, positively have to win on Monday, if only to show those tossers in Soho Square who were are.
Thanks for F.A. Mr Barwick.

One Response to FA Incompetence; suprised anyone?

  1. Seventy Four says:

    I agree totally with you – the FA has always been an utterly spineless organisation who have always favoured the so-called “bigger” clubs, and who quite frankly couldn’t care less about those in League Two.

    Here’s hoping that Rochdale get their just reward for a fine season in their centenary year and thrash Stockport to gain a thoroughly deserved promotion.

    Come on Dale – I for one will be rooting for you !

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