Dale fans get shirty over home kit

Regardless of our absolute lack of decent “history”, Dale fans have become rather like our bury neighbours when the Official RAFC site posted this article about next year’s home kit: Decision Made on Next Season’s Kit.

I kind of see their point too. The plan is to abandon the all-blue kit which we’ve had intermittently since 1968 and instead of adopting the expected black and white, we are to switch to an all-new black and blue design. Radical indeed. The reason for this is that most poor gatherer of opinions: the internet poll. These are the same internet polls that made Adolf Hitler one of the top ten Germans, made an unknown Irishman Inter’s player of the year and almost made David Walliams get “Sports Personality of the Year”. Internet polls are untrustworthy.

I actually like the idea of a new black and blue kit. It fuses both of our previous kits together to form a new one, all part of the Rochdale Revolution etc. The black and white was only meant for one season, this was vital to make it the “Centenary Kit”, so the only options were blue (a kit which has brought us no success, and is used by tons of lower league team) or something new, that’s where the Inter-inspired black and blue comes in.

The picture shown left is a mock-up I did of how the kit could appear. Of course, Theo Walcott would never join Dale (he iz a massif bury fan), so try and imagine Joe Thompson’s head there instead of Walcott’s. I personally like this kit. It’s rarely used in football (black on blue is “colour on colour” in heraldic terms, which goes against the rules) – which is why it would be perfect for the new kit, something daring and unique.

But, if the majority of Dale fans want something other than this kit, I think we should listen to them. If the choice was between “blue” and “black and blue” I think blue would win every time. We have to accept this year’s kit is this year’s kit only, so I think most fans would plump for our old Dale blue.

I will just be happy if we can have a kit which lasts longer than a single season this time, no matter what the colours.

Oh, and Viva la Revolución!

One Response to Dale fans get shirty over home kit

  1. Anonymous says:

    i think its great that the next kit wil be black and blue. not only will it get some media attention when its first released due to the inter milan connections, it is interesting and different – well i cant think of any other english clubs who wear black and blue stripes. i think it will look good and i cant wait to buy one.

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